Zong APK App Android and IOS

My Zong Apk App Android & IOS

Now Available on Both Android & Apple Store.

After the invention of Smartphones we talk, walk and sleep with our mobile phones but are we connected?

Now for the FIRST TIME, Zong has launched My Zong APK App for Smartphones through which you are connected with your network and “Your life is fully mobile”.

You can check your profile, current balance, perform activities on your number, get information and know about latest promotions and much more.

Click Here to Download this app. For Android

Click Here to Install APP from Apple Store. For iOS

Key Benefits for Customers:

  • New Features for Customers:
    • Now MY ZONG APP is available in local URDU language
    • Manage your MBB device & activate MBB bundles directly from MY ZONG APP
    • Activate Internet SIMs bundle
    • Activate International roaming (IR) & IDD Bundle
  • Manage Your Zong Account
    • View Ownership Details of SIM
    • Check Current Balance & Its Expiry Date
    • Free Resources Information
    • Active Package Plan & Promotions Information
  • Check Free resources Details
    • Internet
    • SMS
    • Calls
  • Data Manager for Recommendation of Data Bundles Based On Usage
  • Usage History details
    • Internet History
  • Activate or Deactivate Zong Promotions/Packages/VAS
  • Recharge Your Account
  • Entertainment
    • Videos
    • Games
  • Find Us
    • Zong CSC Addresses Map
    • Zong Helpline Details
    • Zong Social Media (Facebook, Twitter & Chat)

Installation Steps:

For Android

  • Visit Android Playstore
  • Search” My Zong” & install MY ZONG APP


  • Copy the attached file (Click Here to Download this app.)
  • Copy APK in Phone/Memory card storage.
  • Access APK file from Phone.
  • Click the file and select Install
  • Register your Zong number
  • Sign In and Use the application

For Apple (IOS)

  • Visit Apple APP Store
  • Search “MY ZONG APP” & install.
  • Register with your Zong number
  • Sign In and Use the application